• I can’t remember the last time a game catered to the anthropological society! It’s not a intense crazy game so don’t expect any heart-pounding action like Assassin’s Creed or Overwatch. No talent trees or PvP either. It’s an eco-simulator so you’re going to manipulate your “cube” (world) in order to evolve certain critters. Controlling the temperature of your world and how much land vs water it has will affect your creatures too. Your HP can literally refill itself and I have yet to “die” or fail any part of the game. The biggest failure/challenge is having a species go extinct when you needed that species to evolve to further the game. So far the game is 100% relaxing and I have not had much of a true challenge. Everything is in Celsius. That’s unfortunate for USA folk but hey it’s never to late to learn.I enjoy they used the Linnaean taxonomy for all the organisms in the world. My background is with primates and they did a great job adding in actual facts and real evolution with the primate world in the game (pan troglodytes, Australopithecus, etc) - obviously making certain organisms look more cute. There are wolves (canis familiaris, canis dirus, etc), and of course plants. I even noticed a familiar looking Tiktaalik.This is a great game for folks who enjoy relaxing simulators and or biology/anthropology people. I also think this would be a fantastic game for “family time” to teach about evolution in an interactive way - my spouse loves it lol!
    Steph - June 7, 2018
    This is an observation simulator. A genre I haven't played since Seaman on Dreamcast, same game basically. You alter terrain, land height, land v water ratio, temperature, (etc) all to meet the criteria needed to create different forms of life. Gameplay in this genre is slow and deliberate. This isn't a Call of Duty pew-pew-fest. However, it is a genre we rarely see on consoles anymore, and it's fantastic.
    Magician - June 14, 2018
    This was a very entertaining and cute video game. I completed it in 6 hours, so it's definitely the kind of game you want to get if you're just looking for something to keep you busy for a little bit while you're lacking in bigger franchise games ;) Overall the graphics are great and the story is very interesting, plus you learn some science along the way.
    Hylian_Harpy - June 15, 2018
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