Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

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Price history for Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, 045496592745
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  • $49.94 - September 19, 2019
  • $47.95 - July 8, 2019
Since: July 8, 2019
  • Highest Price: $49.94 - September 19, 2019
  • Lowest Price: $47.95 - July 8, 2019

  • If you only played the Wii U version, there are significant changes and additions. I see a lot of people forgetting some of them so heres everything.1. All DLC/Update/Legends characters. The original Hyrule Warriors for wii u had 13 characters. This version has 29 (Not including Ganon and Cuccoo).2. You can now change characters mid battle and command other character to go places. You have between 1-4 people you bring into battle and easily cycle in between them. (This was originally introduced in Legends)4. You can now use the Ocarina the warp to certain Owl Statues around the map. (Originally introduced in Legends)5. During giant boss fights you gain boosts by bringing you other characters near the battle. (Originally introduced in Legends)6. Apart from the main story, there are now Linkles Story, Cias Story, and Windwaker Story. (From DLC and Legends)7. Challenge Mode and Ganons Fury (where you play as a huge Ganon) are included. (Originally from DLC, they were not in Legends)8. Tons of new costumes and weapons from past updates, DLC, Legends.9. There are 9 adventure maps now (not including the rewards map from skultullas)10. My Fairy is a new system where you can create and dress your own fairy to help you in battle. (Originally introduced in Legends)11. Adventure Mode now has a store where you can buy items instead of grinding for them.12. All non-story characters must be unlocked through adventure mode maps. Same with all weapons and costumes. (All of this was originally just given to you in DLC. It would be automatically unlocked)13. 2 player is now split-screen14. Various changes to certain menus to include more info. For example: Adventure Mode maps now have a difficulty rating and percentage complete. Skill trees now have a percentage complete. Ect.15. Framerate and Graphical upgrades/ more people on screen at once
    Damius - May 19, 2018
    I would honestly avoid this game if you fall into one of these categories:a.) You plan on playing this game solob.) Zelda theme doesn't tickle your fancyc.) You've already played the 3DS or Wii U Version (I don't believe the updates are worth $60?)I've never played a Warriors game before - but really enjoyed the idea of playing this local co-op with my wife.She is a completionist, collector and story lover - typically grinding and scouring every square inch of . I am a zero attention span hack and slash fiend (think Diablo 3) who only cares to find the next mob to plow through in hopes of finding that beautiful orange glow in the midst of a pile of corpses... Needless to say, we don't play a ton of games together :)Introductions out of the way -- this game weirdly falls in between that spectrum in the best way possible. While the combat system is fairly repetitive, the strategy aspect of a Warriors game has been really fun and keeps it from getting stale. My wife and I have been playing through the multitudes of characters, leveling them up as we go through the story mode. It has been a blast so far to split up and each tackle separate objectives as they come about through each level - only to come back together to fight the boss in the end. We played one of the first few missions 3 times in a row just to find the heart piece of Linkle that we kept missing.There is definitely a lot of content here - and the Zelda theme is what really tied it all together for us. We know the characters and worlds of each Zelda game fairly well - and they have been introduced into the game alongside the characters wonderfully.At the end of the day, yes, it is a repetitive hack n' slash game -- but with leveling up all (25+) characters, weapons, costumes, the fairy system, multiple game modes (adventure mode!) and more -- this game gives you quite a bit of things to do - and might even be the perfect fit for that local co-op experience with your significant other! :D
    Scottie B Money! - May 29, 2018
    Seeing as I played this game on the "new" 3DS XL I can make somewhat of a proper review.First of all I never played the Wii U version, so I don't know if there was any particular differences from the Wii U Version from the 3DS version.Anyways, this is the complete package of Hyrule Warriors right here.1. It's more graphically impressive and runs at a steady 60 FPS 1080P on docked mode. Defently superior than the Wii U version and 3DS version graphics and FPS.2. You get ALL the DLC, from the DLC characters and maps! Hell of a deal. You also get the 2 exlusive costumes for link and zelda from breath of the wild, they look pretty nice.3. There are 9 adventure mode maps. I don't remeber how many the 3DS had but I think it was only 2, then the 2 DLC adventure mode maps.... And then I think nintendo put an extra 6 adventure mode maps exlusive for the switch? I could be wrong but in any case after you completed the main campaign this mode is were your going to spend most of your time in. They also added a shop were you can buy items in adventure mode for ruppies, which thank god they did otherwise the grind would be double as long.4. There are now level 4+ wepons if I remember correctly from Nintendo's direct.5. The fairy system is nothing new but ya, it's there.6. It's a warriors game, It's GOING to be very repetitive. If you just finish the main story and thats it... Then you only played 1/3 of the game. You can easily lock in HUNDREDS of hours to grind for your skill tree, find heart containers and gold sulkas or whatever it's called. Oh right another new addition they apparently added in is that you can now switch between characters in combat, even though I'm pretty sure you could do it in the 3DS version as well.Hyrule Warriors is probably the best warriors game to date. It's refreshing to play link with his master sword and hyland shield without breaking it (looking at you BOTW). So ya even if your not a warriors fan, you should play it anyways if your a zelda fan.
    Anthony C. - May 18, 2018
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