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Price history for Kirby Star Allies, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, 045496591922
Latest updates:
  • $59.88 - November 22, 2018
  • $44.99 - October 25, 2018
  • $53.99 - September 4, 2018
  • $44.99 - August 23, 2018
  • $39.99 - August 1, 2018
Since: August 1, 2018
  • Highest Price: $59.88 - November 22, 2018
  • Lowest Price: $39.99 - August 1, 2018

  • This game is a marvelous installment to the Kirby franchise. The visuals are beautiful, the soundtrack is gorgeous, and the game is just a ton of fun to play.Firstly, I would like to address the main "complaints" people have with Kirby games, which really isn't valid if they have completed the game to 100%, and that is that the game is too short/easy. What literally EVERY SINGLE KIRBY GAME utilizes is having the main story simple enough to breeze through and beat. This is done to cater to the younger players who are not too advanced or good enough at the game for any further difficulty. Throughout this mode, however, there are various unlockables that get more and more difficult to find as the game progresses. The time it took me to complete the game while locating and collecting every single rare item and switch was about seven to eight hours. For most games, this is a decent length of time for a main story mode. After beating the main story, two games modes are unlocked-- each being more difficult than the main story. The first one is a mode where you run through the game with more difficult bosses and half HP as before, while playing as Kirby's helpers. The second mode is a boss rush mode with varying difficulties to choose from, where you challenge every boss in the game with limited health and recovery items,. After you complete both, the hardest difficulty of the boss rush is unlocked, which is called "Soul Melter" difficulty. You are given minimal recovery options and about a third of the HP you had in the main story, and even as a seasoned gamer, this final mode is very challenging. I never died throughout the entire game up until this mode, to which I proceeded to Game Over twice on the final boss.Now for the good about the game. Firstly, the ability mixtures are incredibly intuitive and fun to use. By combining various elements with pre-existing abilities, like sword or hammer, it unlocks a further sense of depth not seen since Kirby on the Nintendo 64. What is even more surprising, is that every single helper in the game (there are about 20) each have their own unique movesets, which shows just how much effort and thought the developers put into every aspect of the game. The story is fun and interesting, with the bosses being unique and fun to figure out how to play against.Kirby games are one of Nintendo's most consistent franchises that they always seem to get right, and this excellent installment falls right into place. If you're thinking about picking this game up, you will not be disappointed.
    Michael - March 19, 2018
    After reading several reviews, it seemed to me that the issue most have stems from their expectations. First and foremost, this is a Kirby game. What Kirby is, and has always been is ingrained in Star Allies. Several portions of the game are easy, but they never cease to be fun. The puzzles start out quite simple, but take some complex turns late-game. The vast array of allies and elemental combinations available adds a nice layer of strategy to an otherwise simplistic Kirby game. Although many had issues with how close Star Allies stuck to the past themes, I found it to be really charming. They managed to take everything you know about Kirby, and present it in a nice, new and updated 2018 package.
    Evan DeChellis - March 17, 2018
     This was on my son’s Easter list. He is 11 with special needs. He’s a man of very few words. He said, it’s terrific, no it’s wonderfully-incredible. Great graphics and it’s so much fun”. I think that means he gives it 5 stars!He got this kirby game, scribblenauts showdown and pikachu detective in his easter basket, this is by far his favorite of the 3!! Scribblenauts is a close runner up.
    IneedAmazonRehab - April 1, 2018
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    Price History for Kirby Star Allies, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, 045496591922


    Current Price $59.88 November 24, 2018
    Highest Price $59.88 November 22, 2018
    Lowest Price $39.99 August 1, 2018
    Since August 1, 2018

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    $59.88 November 22, 2018
    $44.99 October 25, 2018
    $53.99 September 4, 2018
    $44.99 August 23, 2018
    $39.99 August 1, 2018

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