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Price history for Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack (Nintendo Switch)
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  • $19.90 - November 24, 2018
  • $21.00 - November 22, 2018
  • $31.80 - October 25, 2018
  • $38.15 - September 17, 2018
  • $34.84 - August 26, 2018
  • $44.99 - July 26, 2018
Since: July 26, 2018
  • Highest Price: $44.99 - July 26, 2018
  • Lowest Price: $19.90 - November 24, 2018

  • While it is a blast for any age, it is the most demanding game I've played...without a doubt.In this day and age, it is normal for games to lure you into buying goodies but this is just devilish lol. On one hand I respect the marketing strategy, on the other hand I feel for the poor parents&kids getting hooked to Skylanders Imaginators because it is not an affordable addiction. Most games' digital goodies are cheap, a couple dollars here or a few dollars there. The difference between those games and Skylanders is this: physical toys that you scan into the game, costing anywhere from $15-50 or more. Not to mention, they aren't the easiest to find&obtain. If you're like me, you figure you can get through a game without buying extra unnecessary goodies. However, in Skylanders, they made it as necessary as possible to buy these toys. To prove a point...I've already bought one extra toy on the first day of playing, despite my cheapskate personality. With the standard starter pack, you will have 3 Skylanders(in-game & in real life). One water hero, one earth hero and one custom hero. The reason you are tempted into buying these toys is because there are 10 classes and 11 elements, throughout the game there are many shrines that require combinations of these class/elements. Meaning you will need to buy a toy if you wish to use this shrine. For example, if there's a fire shrine I will need to first buy a Fire Skylander toy in order to play that Fire Skylander hero so that I can use the shrine. Same goes for class(ninja, swashbuckler, sentinel etc). Every area in the game also recommends which Skylander Element to use. If the game tells me to use a Mechanical Skylander, well I can't do that until I go buy a Mechanical Skylander toy at the store lol. So, now add 300+ toys. It's no cheap task. I'd like to add, there are no digital purchases available. You must buy toys from a retailer or online merchant. If it were my way, these toys would be sold at an affordable price from the manufacturer on an official website...but its not that easy. As a parent, you might be bidding on your kid's favorite Skylander on eBay...or making a trip to Walmart with your fingers crossed. Regardless of everything I said, this can be quite the positive experience as well. Not only will it be endless entertainment for your kid, but also they will surely look forward to their next Skylander. Trading/sharing toys can make new friends at school or bring siblings/relatives together. It's a great gift idea too. Using the Skylanders phone app, there are options to print a toy or card of their customized Skylander. This can be pricey but very cool to bring your imagination to life. That said, if you are tight on money or your kid can be may want to look at other games. I'd rather drop $15 on a new digital game rather than a toy.Oops...Let's talk about THE GAME. Skylanders Imaginators is the ideal RPG for any age. Countless armor sets, weapons, gear, monsters and bosses...hardly a stale moment. The game-play is incredibly fun, easy to pick up, fast/slow paced depending on your preference. The bosses actually require strategy, which most adult games are lacking these days. Huge amounts of heroes, all with different weapon types/abilities/talent trees. There are puzzles, mini games, hidden treasures. Many entertaining cutscenes and likeable characters. Smooth frame-rate, admirable graphics and various scenery. Definitely 5 stars in the gameplay department. There are some downsides to the game, I'd prefer the camera to be adjustable with the right joystick, instead the right joystick doesn't do anything. Of course, the lack of free Skylanders. I wish Digital Skylanders existed, I'd rather save some money and avoid toys. Who knows, maybe it would be a respectable addition since sharing toys wouldn't happen as much. Lastly, I'd like to see one of every class/element on the Starter edition, that would be an honorable thing to do. No parent/kid should feel it necessary to shell out big bucks in order to be thorough with a game.All in all, I'm an adult gamer and I've had a great time playing Skylanders Imaginators on my Nintendo Switch. I should've done research before buying it, I was looking for a game I could dedicate to Handheld mode. Unfortunately, I don't think that is Skylanders as I'd prefer not to carry toys around- in order to scan and play. Nevertheless, I'd recommend it if you aren't a casual player. Hope this helped, good luck!
    Cstober - May 1, 2017
    Skylanders is an amazing franchise and we love the fact that this is now on the Nintendo Switch.Here are the positives. We are able to play it on the go! We are able to add many our Skylanders to a collection on the console and it's so nice not to have to use the physical toys all the time; especially on the go.The graphics in portable mode and docked mode are great, we do not notice a massive difference between the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.The game play is fun as always with new characters to play and enjoy with a brand new story line. We love the fact most of our collection carries over from previous games.Here are the negatives.Some Skylanders are not usable in this newest edition such as Trap Crystals and vehicles from Super Chargers.Getting the JoyCons to work from taking them off the Switch and enter two player mode is such frustration for myself and the kids. You have to take the controllers off hit the home button and then pair the controllers as player one and player two. This would have been much easier if and when you disconnect the JoyCons from the Switch it would automatically recognize this and change the format without taking the extra steps. When you are playing two player mode we could not figure out how to upgrade our Skylanders because the button change from the minus button changes. It's small frustrations like this that take away from the experience but do not ruin it.My last point and a slight request would have been to have Skylanders Imaginators digital starter pack with the first two Sensei built into the digital purchase; with the option to go to the store and pick up crystals and more senseis. I would rather have digital than switch out game cards.I still would suggest this to anyone who just Picked up a Nintendo Switch. It's great for any age and just a fun platform beat em up. With great graphics and it's portable! The family is looking forward to the next Skylander game as always.
    Mark Steff - March 18, 2017
    Kids love them, as a parent they are expensive for what they are but they require them to access parts of the game. We have the nintendo switch version of the game which means we no longer have to lug massive amounts of figures around with us. Once scanned a couple of times into the switch they can just choose from a list stored on the device
    a sue da men - July 12, 2017
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