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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild –

  • To be blunt, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is arguably the best Zelda game ever made and it's definitely the most ambitious. Nintendo has outdone themselves, you have to hand it to them. There is very little negative to say about this game. Let's do a break down of the pros and cons.Pros:+Best Zelda story to date. Yes, it may be the same premise, but there is much more depth this time around. There are other things going on, not just Link rescuing Zelda. All of the side quests add so much to the main story. The depth is what makes the game succeed.+Voice acting adds a lot to some of the characters we already know and love, including Zelda herself. It makes for a richer and more interesting story.+Gameplay is king in Zelda games. We all know this. BOTW is no different. There is a ton of gameplay variety, more than there has ever been. Everything from fighting, exploring, cooking, transportation, it's all been either improved or newly introduced.+Open World and Exploration are front and center in BOTW. The open world design allows you take whatever path you choose. While most Zelda games in the past were linear, this is not the same. Whatever approach you prefer is completely fine. The freedom really shines through in BOTW.+The beautiful art style makes up for anything lacking in the graphics department. The Wii U and Switch are not on par with the PS4 and Xbox One, so don't expect that type of beauty, but the art style truly does make a big difference. Nintendo has always been king when it comes to gorgeous art and design. Exploration is one of the game's biggest draws. Conquering the 100+ shrines is amazing!+Wii U and Switch versions offer choice for the gamer. You don't have to upgrade to the Switch to experience BOTW. The Wii U version is every bit as great as the Switch one. In fact, I owned the Switch version but got rid of it in favor of the Wii U version. I did not see the point in upgrading since the only other Switch game I care about is Mario Odyssey and that doesn't come out for almost another year.+More than 100 hours of gameplay offers major value (in your wallet) and replay value. There is always something to see and do!+The game world is absolutely huge. This lends itself to many hours of fun, whether you are doing side quests, the main quests, shrines, or goofing off.+Challenging and thought provoking puzzles are a standout in BOTW. Every shrine has a challenging puzzle, while most boss battles require you to solve a puzzle as well.+Cooking is really fun. Doing recipes is a blast, just experimenting with food can be an interesting distraction.+Great A.I., from the main characters, townsfolk and enemies.+Use the Wii U Pro controller for the best experience. It is more tight and comfortable than the GamePad. I don't have experience with the Switch Pro Controller (probably because it's $70!) but I am sure it's superior to the Joy-Cons and Grip.Cons:-Weapons break a lot, maybe too much. I found that a lot of my time was devoted to changing weapons, whether in a battle or not. It's not a game-breaker but it is an annoyance.Overall, Zelda BOTW is an all time great. It's a game you must experience and have in your collection. I bought the Wii U version, but the choice is yours. Go out and buy it to experience something you will never forget!
    Wade Williams - March 14, 2017
    I bought this for my kids because of the great memory I had playing Zelda 2 when I was a kid. That was one of the most challenging and rewarding games I had ever finished. I've not played video games for over 25 years until getting the switch and BOTW. I am amazed at how much gaming has improved and how much I've missed out! I like that this game is not all about fighting and is not too violent and gruesome. The game is fun for all ages and even my youngest 5 year old boy enjoys playing it, although he mostly just explores the villages and experiment with cooking. The biggest problem with this game is that it is so addictive that we'll play it all day and don't want to do anything else. So my wife is not too happy.
    Russ T. - July 28, 2017
    If you are a Zelda fan and/or a fan of Western RPG's like the Elder Scrolls series (for example) then you will LOVE this game. Hundreds of hours can be spent playing this game and exploring the VAST map that this game touts. Like nothing else the Zelda series have ever seen and that's all before the DLC that will be released later this year.Gameplay and the story is largely engrossing. You won't want to turn off your Nintendo Switch and you will be glad you purchased one if for nothing else than for the ability to play this game...but don't sleep, there's TONS of great Nintendo 1st party titles on the horizon that Nintendo fans will WANT TO PLAY!Back to Zelda though, the atmosphere, graphics, sound and gameplay are all SPOT ON. There's crafting of Food, Potions, Weapons and Armor as well as a bunch of quests, side quests and tons of hidden content to keep you engrossed for at least the next several months... The Game of the Year buzz that this game has received is 100% deserved. Get this game! You will LOVE It!
    Leo J - June 16, 2017
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