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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers –

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

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  • To sum up this excellent addition to the Nintendo Switch lineup, all I can say is that it’s the ultimate version of SFII. The graphics, the music, the characters, the costumes. It’s all here!Maybe the only thing I don’t like is the menu system. Maybe it’s because it takes away from the simplicity of the original games. It’s still not bad though. I was just looking for something to criticize. I do like playing with a joycon in each hand. It adds a new dynamic to the gameplay.
    Robby Green - February 4, 2018
    Nine years after what many thought would be the last and definitive version of the most popular fighting game ever, Capcom has released a new version for the Nintendo Switch. How did it turn out? Well, let's just take a look:GAMEPLAYIt's Street Fighter II. You should know how it plays by this point. I will say, though, that performing special moves with the Joy-Cons feels a little stiff and unresponsive at times, mainly due to the weird analog stick. They're still possible, but it may take some getting used to compared to other ways this game is played.PRESENTATIONThis game adheres to the HD Remix artstyle provided by Udon, but it also has the option to revert to the original sprites. On that note, this game also has the option to choose between the original CPS2 audio and the voices (albeit only in Japanese) from Street Fighter IV.EXTRA CONTENTThere's a lot to cover here. First is a scan from a Japanese artbook which provides an extensive history of the various artists and artstyles associated with the Street Fighter games (at least from the original to IV, with a few nods to the crossover games thrown in). Next is a Color Edit feature (yes, just like in Capcom vs. SNK 2), but the cursor takes forever to get to the color you want. I'd recommend just making one custom sprite of your absolute favorite characters. Speaking of which, this game boasts two new additions to the roster: Slightly reworked versions of pre-existing characters! To be fair, though, no one ever expected Violent Ken to appear in an actual Street Fighter game, so that's nice, I guess.There's also a special first-person mode called Way of the Hado which makes extensive use of the Joy-Cons' motion controls. I'll put this bluntly: Don't play Way of the Hado. It feels like you're playing a Kinect game; and by that, I mean one of the more unresponsive games on Kinect. Lastly, Dramatic Battle from Street Fighter Alpha 3 makes a return here (albeit referred to as "Buddy Battle Mode").ONLINEI've barely touched it, and when I did, the latency icons next to my opponent did scare me with how low they were. However, it was just functional enough (by that, I mean it thankfully wasn't one-frame-per-second) that I could comprehend what I and my opponent were doing.OVERALLThis is a decent port for a legendary game. As the headline suggests, it can be an effective way to get some use out of your Switch before it gets its most hyped-up titles like Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2. In fact, I'd say that Ultra Street Fighter 2 is basically the Switch equivalent to the 3DS port of Street Fighter IV: Okay when there's nothing else, but will (sadly) most likely be forgotten when more games start coming out.
    Zach Willert - June 28, 2017
    Essentially Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3, XBox 360) with some extras that include:-2 Additional Characters: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken-Color Editor-Way of the Hado mode-HD Rumble (disabled by default)-Balance changes-250+ page digital art book-PortabilityNow let's go through the extras:-2 additional characters:Evil Ryu and Violent: Like Akuma, have higher attack/speed and able to teleport dash, but lowered defense/HP than there regular counterpartsAkuma is auto unlock from the get-go-Color Editor:You can select from 256 color variants. You can change their costume, hair and skin tone colorTransition is not smooth, it feels like you're going through grid-by-grid on a graph paper when select colors and feels like a chore than anything as it takes maybe half a second to go from one shade of color to the next. I'd say pre-select the ones you want first and don't bother with it again as it can be frustrating and time consuming-Way of the HadoIf you ever wish to can Haduken or kamayamaya (Dragon Ball Z reference) motion to attack enemies then this is essentially it as you'll be playing on a on-rails shooter knocking out waves of enemies . But as you can probably predict, it will get repetitive after 5-10mins. Not only does this get old quick, but the motion detection is horrible. You essentially can do a haduken, shoruken, hurricane kick and block depending on your opponents choreographed gestures, but most of the time it does not register at all or it inputs the wrong move you did not intend for it to do.-HD rumbleYou can play game in variety of controller configurations (except Way of the Hado mode), but i recommend the pro controller for the best experience since there's no arcade stick for the Ninendo Switch (or that i'm aware of at the moment). If you do play it on the switch controller(s) the HD rumble is very neat. If you do a sonic boom or get hit by one you feel a spinning motion throughout the controller. HD rumble is disabled by default, so you have to go to options to turn it onSpecial moves can be mapped to button presses on screen like Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS. This option is only available in handheld mode-Balance ChangesThere's a modernized training mode showing move sets.Now you can tech throws (cancel out opponent's throw if you press the buttons the same time)-250+ page digital art bookVery high quality HD scans. You can pinch and zoom, or swipe to next page with your fingers like on a smart phone or touch device with photos-PortabilityAssuming the Nintendo Switch has battery left in it; you can essentially play anywhere even without a TV presentLack of modes:Wished they went with the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max route on the PSP giving a dozen of different modes (Survival, 3v3, 100 kumite etc) and custom move sets. But the offers here are pretty limited and aside from the digital art book, and buddy battle*. Seems like a quick cash grab by Capcom taking advantage of the limited games library of the new console (Nintendo Switch) release.*Buddy battle is just two on one battle. The team with two players have a shared health bar, and the single person team has beefed up stats to keep it balancedConclusion:This game is hard to recommend as it barely brings anything new to the table especially if you can get Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on PS3, Xbox 360 for $10. Great if:1. You want a nostalgia trip and you don't own the video game consoles (or at least anymore) that can play any iteration of Street Fighter II.2. A collectors or fans of the Street Fighter II series line (as there's multiple iterations of it)3. Just want the definitive version of the game. Knowing you'll sink in 100s of hours into the game4. Want to play competitively? Have not heard of anything about the tournament scene that may lead up to EVO...may want to check around if there's a local scene you can be a part of or make your own5. Really want to digital art book as physical artbooks can go for around $30. Some art work presented in the digital art book are from an out of print artbook that is really hard to obtain6. Have extra cash in hand and want to play something on the Nintendo Switch before the next major releaseOverall very hard purchase decision. I'd wait for a major price drop, which may be sooner than later seeing it's in the launch window game for a new system.
    Vincent - May 26, 2017
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