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  • This game is simply incredible. This is the most fun I have had with the console since Breath of the Wild from earlier this year. I put down Super Mario Odyssey because this game immediately grabbed my attention. JRPGs are not for everyone, you should definitely watch gameplay and reviews in order to see if this is for you. Newcomers may be turned away because of how hectic the HUD appears, this definitely is not a simple RPG like Pokemon or anything of that sort. I have played the previous entries and enjoyed both games, but this game was a lot easier to get into. There was a funny moment that occurred where I let a friend play during the early stages because they wanted to try it out. So I put them into a battle and passed them the controller and they were ready to go and kick some monster butt, but they couldn't figure out how to attack. They were just running circles around the enemy, and I had to tell them, "Stand still!" It was then that the protagonist started to attack, and my friend had this puzzled look on their face as if they were communicating to me, "You enjoy stuff like this?" So yeah, you should definitely research if this game is for you because this game was clearly not for my friend. However, I would recommend that newcomers stick with it. Don't be one of those people that say, "I tried it for ten mins, wasn't for me, traded it in." First off, don't get into a situation like that to begin with, research what you buy. These games typically have a starting hurdle that you need to get over. Once you get through a couple hours, you may find yourself really loving it. This sounds like a turn-off to some people but that is just the way it goes with JRPGs. I, personally, did not feel that a hurdle was present in this game, but everyone is different. Overall, this is a really great game. In a year where we got Zelda, Persona 5, Super Mario Odyssey, and various other great titles, this was such a great way to end the year.
    Jor - December 3, 2017
    After the masterpiece that was Xenoblade Chronicles, I was pretty nervous that this game could not possibly live up to the expectations set by the previous title. I am pleased to report that it does.The things it does really well:* The areas are extremely well designed. The art direction on the environments is phenomenal, and each region is very large with a ton of stuff to discover. No empty open world syndrome or invisible walls here!* First-class soundtrack by ACE+* Innovative, complex combat system with very rewarding combo animations.* Lots of ways to manage your character builds (though some players may find the number of options so large as to be overwhelming.There are some minor hiccups though:* Badly designed map UI (ETA: A post-release update improved this significantly.)* Some enemies have tedious, hyper-repetitive combat dialogue (two lines that they repeat without pause).* Can't revisit tutorials (but you can just look combat tutorials up on YouTube, so no big deal)You won't like it if:* You don't have time to invest > 70 hours just to finish the main plot* You don't like RPG's* You are attached to being able to choose an evil or "renegade" path* You don't like managing complex character build systems* You played Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and didn't like it
    Vold E. Mort - December 5, 2017
    Far and away my favorite game on the Switch so far, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a deep and expansive RPG with an innovative combat and character system. While in many ways seeming like a step back graphically for the Xenoblade franchise (using deformed and cartoonish block graphics instead of the cleaner and more "realistic" art style from Xenoblade Chronicles X), XBC2 is an exciting and comfortably familiar game that takes many of its inspirations from the best RPGs of the last two decades while introducing new hooks to keep it fresh and new.The big innovation of XBC2 is the introduction of Blades. Blades are artificial lifeforms that serve as both weapons and party members, allowing you to blend the experience of a massive multi-character story with the more intimate story progression of a small group. While the core cast of characters is never more than 4 main characters at a time, these main characters can have up to 3 Blades each equipped, with each Blade having a unique combination of social, exploration, and combat abilities. Many of these Blades are generic and randomly generated collections of abilities, but the game also features over 30 unique Blades with original art done by anime, manga, and video game artists, as well as their own subplots and special abilities. Each character can have 1 of these Blades active on screen with them at a time, enabling special "heart to heart" cutscenes that add to the story and unlock new special abilities for the Blades.The story itself is timeless, which means that it has an excellent combination of familiar elements but presents these classic formulas with a unique energy and exciting new hooks. If you're a fan of JRPGs you'll feel like you've played this game before in all the best ways, but with the excitement of new vistas and a modern combat system that uses a combination of free movement and timed actions similar to the recently re-released Final Fantasy 12.While this may not be the best fit for someone who isn't a big fan of the fantasy RPG genre, fans of games like Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 12, Dark Cloud, and other such entries will enjoy this entry in the Xenoblade franchise.
    Gamereviewer84 - January 15, 2018
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